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From Internet Sensation to Action

The Mutual Rescue initiative was created to give voice to the transformational power of human-animal relationships. To accomplish this, they set out to create a series of short films that tell the stories of people and the rescued animals who changed their lives. The first Mutual Rescue film, “Eric & Peety,” went viral and has been viewed more than 88 million times. They share what worked, what challenges they encountered and what they’re doing next.

The Healing Power of Animal Friendship

Many of us have personal stories of animals we have known and loved in our lives. Mutual Rescuehas made sharing the country’s most powerful human-animal friendship stories their mission. Here are just some of the ways that animal relationships can transform and heal people’s lives.

Morbidly Obese to Marathon Runner

Eric O’Grey was warned that death was imminent if he didn’t get his health under control. He adopted a shelter dog named Peety, began walking for 30 minutes a day and changed his eating habits to center on a plant-based diet. Here’s how one morbidly obese man went from death’s door to running in the Boston Marathon.

Why We Love Animals

Animals enrich our lives in so many ways. Here is some of the latest research on why and how we connect with animals, as well as some ideas for how to improve your animal connections.

Animal Companionship for Healthy Living

Whether you are already embracing best practices for your health or you need some inspiration to get your health routine in gear, here are some tips for how animal companions can help you along your path to wellness.

De-stress With a Pet

There is science behind why animals can help us feel more calm and relaxed. If you are looking to de-stress your life, a pet could be the answer.

The Genius of the Office Dog

Some may think of the office dog as a sign of the times. With company culture being at the forefront of the minds of many up-and-coming recruits, businesses are seeking to define themselves as people-friendly places where employee comfort is paramount. Here’s where the office dog comes in.

Animal Caregivers

When it comes to dealing with pain or illness, leading-edge hospitals and nursing-care facilities are beginning to incorporate four-legged helpers into their teams and patients are enjoying the benefits.

Rescue Cat Helps One Family Battle Childhood Cancer

The Myers family didn’t know how much of a difference Liza, the kitten in need of a home, would make for them during and after their daughter Kylie’s battle with childhood cancer. Their story is featured in the Mutual Rescue film, “Kylie & Liza.”

What Do Childhood Cancer and Animal Welfare Have in Common?

Both childhood cancer and animal welfare are woefully underfunded in the United States. The Myers family is championing both causes in honor of their daughter Kylie’s memory.

Family Fights to End Childhood Cancer and Animal Homelessness

The Mutual Rescue film “Kylie & Liza” shows one girl’s brave battle with childhood cancer and the adopted kitten, Liza, who helped the whole family get through it. When Kylie passed, her parents Robin and Mark made it their mission to become a voice for the voiceless—children and animals—in Kylie’s memory.

Animal Welfare Organization Partners with Family

When the Myers family submitted their story to Mutual Rescue, they had no idea the animal welfare organization would select them to be featured in their ongoing film series. The film “Kylie & Liza” is the story of Kylie Myers and her battle with childhood cancer, and the rescue kitten who made a difference for her and her family.

Giving a Voice to the Voiceless

In championing the causes of ending childhood cancer and animal homelessness, the Myers family is helping to speak for those who can’t speak for themselves. Their journey was inspired by their daughter Kylie’s brave battle with childhood cancer.

Charitable Giving to Help Animals and Children

2.7 million homeless animals are euthanized in the U.S. every year. And, of the $373 billion given to charity in the U.S. in 2015, less than 1% went to animal-related causes. Cancer is the number one cause of childhood death by disease. In 2014, 1 in 285 children were diagnosed. The National Cancer Institute’s 2014 budget was $4.9 billion with childhood cancer receiving only 4% of that amount. Here’s how you can make sure your donation goes to these underserved causes.
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